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About Us

Family Connection Consulting and Senior Placement has over ten years of experience in assisting Families. Our proprietors, Marion Mauro and Stacy Hathaway have worked in the Senior Living Industry, developed relationships with exemplary home-care partners and are passionate about helping families find the right solutions.

Meet the Team

Marion Mauro & Stacy Hathaway

Our Mission is to bring you support, comfort, and happiness!


Figuring out your loved one’s next step is extremely stressful and challenging. Our Expert Senior Consultants and Placement Agents will assist you in navigating health care options. 


From personal and professional experience, we know maintaining one’s independence is important. We will make sure all options are explored keeping in mind remaining home is the goal.


Family Connection seeks to understand your Financial, Emotional and Spiritual needs. We gather information from you, your family, case manager and physician. This will contribute to the appropriate choice of whether Skilled Home Health Support, Home Care, Palliative, Hospice Care or a Senior Living Community, is the right fit.


If you feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin, we can help. 

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