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Your Personal Healthcare Concierge Service

Our Services

We help you and your Family Navigate the Healthcare Continuum 

​1. Complimentary Consultation with quick Response Time.

2. Collaborate with Case Managers at hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers.

3. Nurse Assessment to determine best options: staying at home with care, senior living, rehab,

    palliative care, hospice or skilled nursing.

4. Arrange for mobility devices and transportation from rehab if needed.

5. Clients Staying Independent at home: we arrange the proper home care (medical and non-medical)

6. Clients in need of a Senior Living - we research and arrange tours of communities based on individual        care, social and financial needs. 

7. Knowledge & Acquisition of documents required from hospitals, rehabs, or family to support care in

    the home or community.

8. Financial Evaluation with family to determine current and long-term budget.

9. Long Term Care Insurance, VA Benefits, Medicare, Medicaid Plans reviewed.

10. Assist with obtaining Power of Attorney if needed.

11. Attend and participate in Care Conferences alongside Client and Family to support all aspects of

      current and future Care Plans.


Our Step by Step Process:


No Obligation Consultation

Over the phone or in person free consultation to determine what to expect and how we can help!


Stay at home or community?

We will discuss living and care options based on a preliminary assessment regarding an individuals care needs and level of independence.


Formal Assessment

A nurse will do a thorough evaluation and develop a care plan for in home care to help keep your loved one at home.


Senior Living or Home Care Options

Arrange for Skilled Home Health, Home Care, Palliative or Hospice in the home. For Senior Living, we will tour communities with clients to find the best option to meet care, financial, social, and

spiritual needs.


Funding Options

If applicable, a review of Long Term Care Insurance, Veteran’s Benefits, Medicare or Medicaid needs will be completed.


Power Attorney

Discuss the different options: Durable, Medical, or Financial Power of Attorney.

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